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Root Canal Treatment

Remember how previously everyone had to get a grossly decayed tooth removed. A decayed tooth would mean an extraction. Well now, the dentistry is advanced and we can actually save your badly decayed and carious tooth and it can stay in your mouth and can work well functionally. The procedure done to save the tooth is known as the Root canal procedure. Our team under the expert guidance of Dr. Dinesh Rohra and Dr. Vidisha(Menka) Rohra have experience of more than 16 years in providing the best Root canal treatment to patients.

What is a root canal treatment?

The tooth has three layers. The topmost is enamel, beneath it is dentin and the innermost layer is called the pulp. The dental pulp has the blood and nerve supply and whenever any infection reaches the pulp; it causes pain and needs to be treated immediately.

Root canal procedure is a technique to clean the infected pulp and root chambers of the tooth.  The tooth is thoroughly cleaned and treated with intracanal medications and filled again. Once it is free of pain and infection, it can be restored back to functionality.

How would I know if I need a Root canal procedure?

1) If you have a badly decayed or broken tooth

2) If food gets stuck in your decayed tooth and it pains

3) If your tooth pains without any reason, especially during the night

4) If you have difficulty biting and chewing from a tooth

5) If you notice swelling around a tooth

6) If there is a discolouration in a tooth

7) If you have a bad taste in your mouth due to pus discharge from a particular tooth

Frequently asked questions

I have heard that root canal is very painful. Is it true?

The root canal procedure is carried under local anaesthesia and the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. We make sure that all our patients have a painless experience at our clinic.

Would I be able to work after the treatment?

Yes, after you have been treated for a root canal you can resume your work and continue with your daily activities

Root canal is a long procedure. Does it take a lot of time?

Previously, yes it did. But now the technology has advanced and the procedure would not take a lot of time. We at Dr. Rohras Mayur Dental Clinic and Implant Centre are experts at single sitting root canal procedures.

How long before I can start eating from that side?

Well just like any other infected part of the body, the tooth also needs some rest after an operative procedure. We advise patients not to put biting pressure on the tooth till the symptoms of inflammation and pain subside. It’s better to start chewing from that side after the placement of a crown.

Why can’t I just get my tooth extracted?

It’s always better to save your natural tooth. Any artificial substitute would not be as comfortable as your natural tooth. Moreover, when you preserve a tooth, you save the surrounding alveolar bone as well.  Whenever we get a tooth extracted, the surrounding alveolar bone starts getting resorbed. Extraction should always be the last option.

Would my tooth pain even after the procedure is completed?

Mild discomfort and pain for 2-3 days is normal after a root canal treatment. This can be taken care of by mild medication.

What is the cost of a root canal treatment?

We have been known to provide affordable dental treatments. Root canal is a very technique sensitive procedure.  It requires good skills and good armamentarium and we are well versed with both at our clinic.

We are known to provide the best root canal procedure at affordable prices in Ambernath.

What are the steps involved in root canal procedure?

1) Investigations: Whenever a patient visits us, we carry out the preliminary examination. After the clinical examination, a computerised X-ray i.e. RVG is taken and the radiographic condition of the tooth is assessed.

2) Infected pulp removal: The patient is anesthetised and the tooth is cleaned of infection. The infected pulp tissue is removed.

3) Thorough cleaning and shaping: The root canals are thoroughly cleaned with medication. The canals are shaped well to receive the filling material.

4) Root canal filling: Once the canals are clean, they are filled with a biocompatible material. The canals are sealed well so that there are no chances of post operative infection. A restorative filling is done over the tooth.

5) Placement of the crown: After a few days the tooth is prepared for a crown and the impression is sent to the lab. After the crown is ready, it is cemented on the tooth.

There are various crown materials that you can choose from. We deliver Porcelain fused to metal, Metal free crown ( Zirconia and Emax). We also provide CAD-CAM (computerised technology) crowns.

Post-operative care:

We believe that our services do not end at the end of the procedure .W extend our support services even after the completion of the procedure. Our doctors Dr Dinesh Rohra and Dr Vidisha(Meneka) Rohra are there to listen to your problems and cater to your needs.

Why chose us?

At Dr. Rohra’s Mayur Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, we never compromise with quality. We believe in giving the best to our patients .We have an established practice for more than 15 years. We use the best materials and the latest technology .We have the facility of digital Xrays i.e RVGS and we do our procedures with the help of Endomotors and Apex locators.

The latest technology and standardised material give us an edge in the procedure.

If you are looking for a quality treatment, this is a one stop destination for you.