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Oral surgery

Oral refers to a surgical procedure performed on the mouth with specific regard to teeth, jaws and gums. There could be various reasons that could require a surgical intervention. These could be:

  • An impacted tooth: Most commonly an impacted third molar
  • Facial trauma
  • Any facial deformity
  • Facial cysts or tumours
  • Dental implants
  • Gum deformities
  • Jaw deformities
  • Facial reconstruction
  • TMJ deformities

We at Dr Rohra’s Mayur Dental Clinic and Implant Centre have conducted successful minor and major surgeries involving the jaws and the face.

What is an impacted tooth?

Any tooth that is unable to erupt, and is partially or fully submerged in the bone. This could be due to lack of space for eruption or due to wrong placement of teeth in the jaws.

What are the symptoms of an impacted tooth?

  • Pain while opening your mouth
  • Swelling or redness around the gum
  • Pain while chewing
  • Bad breath

What if I have the above-mentioned symptoms?

In that case, you would have to visit your dentist. We would assess the level of eruption by clinical assessment and radiographic investigation.

We are equipped with an OPG (Orthopantomagram) machine at our clinic. An OPG gives us a detailed evaluation of the impacted tooth in the mouth.

After the assessment, we could

  • Wait and Watch: If after the investigations it is revealed that the tooth can erupt in while, we make the patient wait and provide symptomatic relief with the help of medications.
  • Operculectomy : If the erupting tooth is covered by gums, we can remove it surgically and enhance the eruption.
  • Disimpaction: If the tooth is placed in a position where it cannot erupt at all or its eruption might impact the adjacent teeth, then the tooth is removed surgically. This process is known as disimpaction.

What if an impacted tooth is not removed from the mouth?

  • Damage to the adjacent tooth or teeth: If an impacted tooth is placed in a position where it can impinge on the adjacent tooth, then it can cause damage to that tooth due to eruption pressure. This can lead to bone loss or pain in the adjacent tooth.
  • Pericoronitis: Usually the tissues around an impacted third molar get inflamed and this can lead to food impaction and the pain radiates to head and neck region.
  • Trismus: An erupted third molar can cause difficulty in opening of the mouth and this can be associated with pain as well.
  • Cheek biting: A misplaced tooth can lead to cheek biting and further inflammation of the cheek.
  • Food lodgement and bad breath: Due to the overgrown tissue the food often gets impacted in the pocket that gets created and this could lead to bad breath as well.

Are there any post operative issues after the wisdom tooth extraction?

A disimpacation or wisdom tooth removal is a minor surgery.

The common problems could be swelling and difficulty in opening the mouth. The wisdom tooth is placed in four different positions in the mouth. Depending upon the placement of the tooth, post- operative healing takes place.

  • Distoangular
  • Mesioangular
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

As the name suggests, the tooth that is placed mesioangularly ( towards the tooth ) and vertically ( upright in the bone ) has less surgical involvement and heal better . Distoangular( placed in a direction away from the tooth) and horizontal ( sleeping molar) have difficulty in the removal and take longer to heal.

Dr. Dinesh Rohra and Dr. Vidisha ( Menka) Rohra have experience of more than 15 years in removing difficult impacted teeth. Our patients experience little or no discomfort during the surgery.

What is the post operative care after extraction?

  • No spitting and gargling for 24 hours.
  • Avoid hot and hard food for a few days
  • Soft and cold diet for a few days to aid healing
  • Take the medicines prescribed
  • Avoid sleeping on the side that has been operated upon.
  • Report immediately to your doctor in case of uncontrolled bleeding or pain

What other surgeries are performed?

Management of facial trauma

Accidental facial traumas are managed at our clinic. Our experienced team of doctors at Dr. Rohras Mayur Dental Clinic and Implant Centre meticulously handles all such cases with utmost care. We provide immediate and long term care for

  • Dental injuries : Fractured tooth, avulsed tooth
  • Soft tissue injuries : Lacerations
  • Hard tissue injuries: Any hard tissue injury not requiring hospitalisation, is taken care at the clinic. The fractured jaw bones can be stabilised and they heal well over a period of time.

Dental Implants

It is the replacement of a missing tooth. The implants can be placed in a dental office under local anaesthesia.

Gum surgeries

We have been performing gum surgeries at our clinic for the correction of inflamed or overgrown gingival. A high frenal attachment or a tongue- tie is also taken care of at the clinic.

We also perform cosmetic gum surgeries.

Dr. Dinesh Rohra and Dr. Vidisha( Menka) Rohra have taken meticulous training to cater to various surgical needs of the patients . We understand that every patient that walks inside our clinic is our responsibility and we make sure that the patient is satisfied and happy.

We understand your pain and our healing hands would always give you the best.