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Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth do not just help you in mastication; they provide a value to your face. A well aligned and beautiful smile gives you confidence. But how many of us are confident of our smiles? There are so many people who shy away from smiling and laughing because of misaligned teeth. Well, if you have experienced that anytime ,then we have the solution for your problem.

Dr. Rohra’s Mayur Dental Clinic and Implant Centre have been helping people get beautiful smiles with the help of Braces.

What are Braces and when are they used?

Braces are instruments designed to correct the alignment of the teeth. They are fixed to the tooth structure and exert pressure on them and aid in the movement of the tooth.

The process of correcting the alignment of the teeth with the help of braces is called orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment is done in the following conditions:

  • Crowding of the teeth: When the teeth overlap each other.
  • Spaces between the teeth: Whenever there are spaces between the teeth, it can be corrected with the help of orthodontic treatment.
  • Anomalies of the jaws: A condition in which teeth are misaligned due to the non – harmonious relation between the upper and the lower jaws. This can be of three types :
  1. Open bite: In normal occlusion, the upper and the lower teeth meet each other. In open bite the upper and lower front teeth do not meet each other. This can further cause stress on the lips and the patient has difficulty biting from the front teeth.
  2. Overbite: In this condition, a person has his upper teeth covering the lower teeth to an extent that the lower teeth are not visible. This causes damage to the gums and the person has traumatic bite that can interfere with the function.
  3. Cross bite: In a normal occlusion the upper teeth are placed forward and ahead of the lower teeth, but in this condition the lower teeth are placed ahead of the upper teeth. Since this is not normal occlusion, this can cause pressure on the teeth and cause early mobility of teeth.

Misaligned teeth causes various problems like

  • Reduced biting capacity
  • More cavities
  • Inability to clean the teeth well
  • More plaque and calculus accumulation
  • Traumatic occlusion

What other appliances are used besides braces?

Braces are the most commonly used appliances used for the correction of teeth. However, if there are anomalies associated with bone there are other appliances that can be used .These arespecifically used when the problem is detected early and bone growth can be modified.

These appliances are:

  • Headgear: This appliance is placed partially outside the mouth.
  • Chin cap: This is placed on the chin to restrict the over growth of the lower jaws.
  • Expansion plates: When the jaw size is small, expansion technique is used to have more space for the erupting permanent teeth.

What are different types of braces that we provide?

Metal braces: These are the conventional braces. All the parts of the braces system like brackets, arch wire, loops are made up of metal.

Ceramic braces: These are aesthetically more appealing. The brackets are made up of ceramic and blend well with the tooth colour. The functionality is however the same as the metal brackets.

Invisalign : They are a part of modern technology that can be used for correction. They do not have brackets or wires. They are like removable plates that can be worn and removed.

Our expert team can guide you to opt for a system that would best suit your treatment needs.

Is the orthodontic treatment painful?

A person does not feel any pain when the braces are fixed to the teeth. When the appliances start exerting pressure for the movement of the teeth, then a person may experience pain. This is mild pain and can subside soon. Whenever the wires are adjusted every month,mild discomfort for a day or two may be there.

Are natural teeth extracted for orthodontic treatment?

Not in all the cases, extraction is done only when there is no or less space available for the movement of the teeth. The first premolars are extracted to create space in such cases.

What all foods should be avoided during the treatment?

The sticky foods that get stuck between the teeth need to be restricted. This would include pizza, cheese, caramels and candies etc.

How long would the treatment be?

The treatment may take anywhere in between 1 –3 years depending on various factors like:

Age of the person: It’s easier to move the teeth in young patients.

The extent of the problem: The problem could be grave in some patients and little in others. The intensity of the problem decided the treatment span.

Regularity in the treatment: This treatment requires visits every month. So patient needs to be regular for better and early commencement of the treatment.

 Why chose Dr. Rohra’s Mayur Dental Clinic and Implant Centre?

We have been responsibly spreading smiles in Ambernath for more than a decade now. Orthodontic treatment requires intricate skill and observation.

Dr. Dinesh Rohra and Dr. Vidisha( Menka) Rohra make sure that all their patients are taken good care of during the orthodontic treatment . We ensure that our patients follow the retention therapy after the treatment gets over to avoid any relapses.

Our knowledge and skill in this field has helped us work diligently for the betterment of our patients.

Let’s make beautiful smiles together.