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Team of Professionals

Highly Qualified Dentists

Dr. Dinesh Rohra and Dr. Vidisha( Menka) Rohra graduated from MGKBH college Nashik(2005) and ACPM Dhule(2007) respectively. They have been upgrading their knowledge every year and raising the bar of the treatment they provide. Dr. Dinesh mastered the art of Implants. He has been successfully providing high-quality implants to the patients. Dr. Vidisha has upgraded her knowledge in the field of cosmetic dentistry. She has been responsible for creating beautiful smiles for all our patients. They plan every treatment as a team. The husband-wife duo has maintained a family environment at the clinic and they make sure that every patient who walks inside the operatory is treated as a family member.

A few things that make our practice unique

Why Choose Our Practice?

When it comes to picking a dentist, we know that you have options. Personalized, gentle, comprehensive patient care is our number one priority.


Set up in an area of 900sq feet, our clinic has two separate operatories with a chair each. We have a large waiting area for the comfort of our patients. There is a reception desk to help and guide you. We have intricately worked on everything to make the environment serene and comfortable for our patients.


We believe that sterilisation is the key to the safety of our patients. We have international standards of sterilisation at our clinic. We use the latest technology of Class B autoclaves at the clinic. Class B autoclaves are the most advanced steam sterilisers. These sterilisers have a vacuum pump that removes all the air from the chamber and allows the steam to penetrate well. It provides 100 percent sterilisation. These modern autoclaves leave zero error in disinfection

Good sterilisation contributes well toward the outcome of a treatment. We use separate disposable masks, gloves, and glasses for every patient. The operatory is fumigated before all the surgical procedures.  We believe that we should not be a source of cross-infection for any of our patients. Our sterilisation protocols are monitored frequently with the help of the latest tools.

In house X-ray facilities

We use the digital x-rays known as RVG for all our dental work. We also have an OPG machine at the clinic. We are one of the very few clinics in India to have our own OPG machine. An OPG or Orthopantomogram helps us to evaluate the position of each and every tooth in the jaw. Besides that it also helps us to evaluate the inter jaw position and various anomalies of bones and jaws. This facility helps our patients to get a complete visual of their jaws at the clinic itself.

This helps us specifically in planning the treatment of our patients in the first appointment only. This technology is helpful in planning disimpactions, implants, evaluating any cysts present in the bone and to study the TMJ ( Temporomandibular joint) .The TMJ problems go unnoticed due to lack of proper visualisation. We make sure that our patients are cured of all the facial problems at our clinic.


We are proud to say that we provide the best root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment, implants and cosmetic treatments in Ambernath. We have been successfully operating our patients for minor surgeries involving teeth, jaws and gums. We believe in delivering the best. We are always in-sync with the latest technology and make sure that our clinic is upgraded with all the latest products. We only use standardised dental products. We never compromise with the quality. We have built relationships and carried them forward for more than a decade now.

We take extra care when it comes to children, elderly or pregnant women. We ensure that every patient has a comfortable experience at our clinic. We try to make dentistry as painless as possible. Our patients are well informed about all the dental procedure beforehand and guided at every step about the next procedure.

We believe that the doctors and patients should work as a team for a successful outcome.

Lab work

We have our tie-ups with the best dental labs. These labs follow the international protocols and use best material for our crowns, veneers and dentures. We provide warranty for our work. These labs have trained technicians who work hard to deliver the top quality work to us.

We never compromise on quality as far as our dental work is concerned.


We understand your concerns and we ensure that our dental treatments can be afforded by everyone. Our treatment  fees payment models are patient friendly. We provide quality work at affordable prices.

Comfortable appointments

We cater to all kinds of patients. We understand that every patient has a different time slot available to visit for the treatment. We are open in mornings and in the evenings. We adjust our working patients in the late evenings or during the weekends

Adequate staff

We are equipped with adequate staff at the clinic. Our staffs are humble and polite and compassionate towards the needs of our patients. Our staffs equally contribute to the success of the treatments that we provide. They would guide you well through the treatment and would be present to cater to your needs.

We work hard to provide best quality dental treatment to our patients. We have the testimonials from our patients on our website. We understand your apprehensions and concerns as far as the dental treatment is concerned. Our works speaks for itself.

Walk in to experience the best quality dentistry at affordable rates.

Our history

How we become the best

We started our dental clinic more than a decade ago. Dentistry has changed with the latest technology and newer materials. We kept ourselves updated with continuing education and using the latest advanced technologies. Our Team includes multi-specialty dentists and always believes in quality and patient satisfaction.